5/1/01  Blues Traveler  9:30

  1. Back In The Day
  2. Gina ->
  3. Girl Inside My Head ->
  4. Gina
  5. You're Burning Me
  6. Felicia
  7. You Reach Me
  8. NY Prophesie ->
  9. Run-Around
  10. All Hands ->
  11. Brandon solo ->
  12. Brandon & Tad duet ->
  13. All Hands
  14. Just For Me
  15. Love & Greed
  16. Believe Me
  17. Pretty Angry
  18. You Lost Me There ->
  19. Mulling It Over
  20. Optimistic Thought (The Gambler)
  21. Freedom
  22. Carolina Blues
  23. Crash Burn ->
  24. Hook
  25. The Path ->
  26. No Woman No Cry
  27. Mother Funker ->
  28. Ben, Brandon & Tad ->
  29. Brandon & Tad duet ->
  30. Brandon solo ->
  31. Mother Funker
The boys came out all wearing hats - Chan and his brother had FBI on the front of theirs, the others had CIA. John said how long it had been since they were last here, and that D.C. was f**ked up then and it still is now. For the second set, they brought one of Ben's keyboards and a smaller drum set for Brandon. John said they were working on a nickname for Ben - they kinda liked "pudding pants", but thought maybe "scooter box" or "fistful of nuts" would be better. The second set started acoustic through most of "You Lost Me There", at which point John and Tad stood up and played while the roadies removed the gear and everyone resumed their positions. During the "Crash Burn" round robin, Ben played during the bass part on the second round. For the encore, John introduced the band, including Ben "crack in the ass" Wilson and Chan "lord of the dance" Kinchla.