8/10/02  emmet swimming  Smithsonian American Art Museum  Coca-Cola's DC Sessions

  1. Stealing From The Joneses
  2. I'll Be Fine
  3. 8:45
  4. The Dance
  5. Off Key Choir
  6. Motorway
  7. Expect Me
  8. Broken Oar
  9. Clean Water
  10. Fake Wood Trim
  11. Bullet In Your Hand
  12. Don't Call Her (Erik vox)
  13. Turnstile
  14. Arlington

The crowd at DC Sessions was the biggest I'd seen. The majority of the people were there for Carbon Leaf (who put on a great show, btw), but there were plenty of emmet fans, as each familiar song brought cheers. "Don't Call Her" was brand new, "first time we've played it in public" said Todd. He asked where everyone had been the last two years, then said they'd been touring, but nobody's coming to the shows. Also, during the intro to "Broken Oar", he said "Scott Brotemarkle's on vacation". They seemed happy about the crwod response, and with any luck, there'll be some more shows.