11/24/04  Excentrics  Jaxx

  1. Seen No Sun
  2. Losin' Me
  3. Queen Of The Dead
  4. Rose Colored Glasses
  5. Medicine And Wine
  6. Once I Remember
  7. The Deepest Blue
  8. Doesn't Mean A Thing
  9. Best Intentions (David Peers bass/vox)
  10. Christmas (David Peers bass/vox)
  11. Down So Long (David Peers bass/vox)
  12. Don't Watch The World
  13. Never Thought I Would (Valentine) (no Matt or Spy)
  14. Hangin' By A String (no Matt)
  15. Skin
  16. God Of Thunder
  17. Popstar
  18. Adam And The Last Train
  19. Wheelbarrow (Shout)
(Todd Wright vox/guitar, Dan Rebeiz guitar/vox, Matt Miceli guitar/vox, Dean Millard bass/vox, Spy drums unless otherwise noted)