12/31/04  Paul and Storm  Jammin' Java

  1. Three Days
  2. The Ballad Of Eddie Prager
  3. You Just Don't Get It, Do You
  4. Randy Newman's "Theme from Seabiscuit"
  5. Buffett Night
  6. Rejected Commercial Jingles (Viagra, Fresh Step, Necco, Domino's, Denny's, Kleenex, Twister, Pillsbury Cookie Dough)
  7. Epithets
  8. Randy Newman's "Theme from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
  9. Shake Machine
  10. Randy Newman's "Theme from Passion Of The Christ"
  11. Forget It
  12. Six Guys, Ten Teeth
  13. The Miranda Lullabye