6/6/09  Lowen & Navarro  Birchmere

  1. Just To See You (with Eddie From Ohio)
  2. All Is Quiet (with Robbie Schaefer)
  3. Compass Point (with Ellis Paul)
  4. Broken Moon (with Ellis Paul)
  5. If You Loved Me Like That (with John Jennings)
  6. Weight Of The World (with SONiA)
  7. Seven Bridges (with The Kennedys)
  8. I Don't Believe In Yesterday (with Maura Kennedy & Robbie Schaefer)
  9. Keep The Light Alive (with Annie-Claire Lowen)
  10. Cilantro Song (Dan solo)
  11. Dreams I Left Behind (with Michael Clem)
  12. The Opposite Of Everything (with Phil Parlapiano) (cd1)
  13. Straight To The Heart Of Me (Dan solo)
  14. Walking On A Wire (with the Lowens)
  15. I Still Believe (with the Lowens, Eddie From Ohio, SONiA and The Kennedys)
  16. If I Was The Rain (Eric solo)
  17. We Belong (in audience, without Eric, with Eddie From Ohio, Ellis Paul and The Kennedys)
all songs with John Jennings and Eddie Hartness